Developing Your Lawn Company Into Something Special

Any business person needs to always be on the watch for methods to expand and promote his or her business. Good business practice requires this kind of vigilance, with a commitment to growth and quality customer service. This is true, no matter what business you own, including lawn care. The good news is that today, with the internet, it is easier and cheaper than ever to promote your business. Here are some tips for developing your lawn company into something special.



When most people think of advertising, thoughts turn immediately to mass communication in forms of television, newspaper, and radio. All of these are still effective, but also still expensive. The internet however is quite affordable, and even free. It is also easy to target specific customers and demographics when you use the internet.

These days, any business must have a website. Estimates are that roughly 80 percent of shoppers will look on the internet to get information about a company before making their purchase or ordering services. If a company cannot be found on the internet, they will not take it seriously. A simple one page, scrolling website can introduce visitors to your company, clarifying location, contact information, and more. It can also provide a call to action, in which visitors are encouraged to provide their own contact information in order to inquire about services. All of this is available for a small monthly fee for the hosting and development of your website. The cost of a website is seldom even as much as the cost of a single ad in a generic local newspaper.

Advertising should also target your clientele. Placing an ad in the newspaper may e fine but even a newspaper with 100,000 readers may only reach a handful who are looking for a lawn maintenance company at that very moment. On the internet, you can place a widget on each of your social media sites that will enable potential customers to visit your website. This widget can also be attached to your signature, so that when you make comments in forums, people can follow you back to your website.



As your business grows through successful advertisement and quality service you may have the option to expand. An owner-operated lawn service company gains credibility with well-trained employees. Make sure your employees know how you do the job and how to treat customers. By training your employees properly, and being on the job site periodically, you can expand your business more successfully.

Always show up for the job in a fresh shirt, and teach your employees to do the same. It is worth the money to provide, at the very least, a set of workshirts with your company logo on them. This creates a more professional appearance. Remember, you are working for individuals at their homes. They will not feel very confident if you show up in ragged, dirty clothes, and ask for access to their garden.

As you develop your lawn company into something special, remember that quality work and fair prices will pay off.

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