Hobbies May Be The Best Medicine

  • Adults have plenty of responsibilities. We have to make a living to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table We have to go the extra mile to be nice to our family when the world is kicking us around. We have chores – those never go away – because someone has to take responsibility for preparing meals, even if it means they come out of a takeout container. We plan holidays, then feel like we have to work ourselves to death to earn the time off. If we don’t, the work is so piled up when we get home that we’ll never get caught up. You may think that you can’t take on one more thing, but there is something you can do to relieve stress and add fulfillment to your life. A hobby may be the best medicine for your over-committed, responsibility laden life.

Taking Lessons


Did your parents ever sign you up for swimming lessons, piano lessons, or soccer? What changed? Once you didn’t have someone organizing your life, the hobbies fell away. Your own responsibilities crowded out time for hobbies. Be your own parent, and sign yourself up for lessons. Even if you never got the hang of jumping off the deep end, you can get great surfing lessons. They’re geared toward different age groups and ability levels, and they can match the gear to your size and ability level, too.

Mix It Up


Whether you take on piano lessons, painting, or some other form of exercise or self-expression, having a hobby helps you to mix things up a bit. You get to meet new people and get out of the house for a while for non-work related reasons. Have you always wanted to hike? You can meet other people who enjoy the same activities, sharing pointers and learning new skills. You get to meet people of all ages and races, and enrich your life with people as well as activities.

Keep Your Mind and Hands Busy



There is an old saying, “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” You may just feel like playing video games after work, or watching TV. Others hang out at the pub. Why not spend one night a week learning something new, something that you always wished you had learned? Many people dropped piano lessons as children. 90% of those people wish they had continued. Now is the time to get back into it. Studies have shown that learning an instrument as an adult is one of the few things that can actually increase your IQ.

Make Your Mind Healthy

Learning a language can be something to keep your mind strong and healthy. Keeping the mind active can be something that really helps with improving stress levels, and more. Not only that, you could always use your skills to work for language translation companies.
People who have hobbies, even if they change hobbies as the years pass, tend to keep their faculties longer. The mental stimulation will keep you sharp, and having a wider assortment of friends helps to keep you grounded. People who have hobbies have richer senior years.

You can find a hobby that doesn’t cost a lot of money, if that’s a problem. The key is to find something you love doing.

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