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Developing Your Lawn Company Into Something Special

Any business person needs to always be on the watch for methods to expand and promote his or her business. Good business practice requires this kind of vigilance, with a commitment to growth and quality customer service. This is true, no matter what business you...
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Landscaping With Planters Makes The City Look Better

Landscaping with planters is proving to be a cost-effective way for cities to bring green downtown. No longer is the concrete, steel, and glass jungle the sought-after symbol of success. Now, city governments realize that including living plants and soil in the hardscape of urban...
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How To Present Your New Business In The Right Light

I remember one time when my dad was in the hospital. He was an auto and diesel mechanic, and had hurt himself on the job. I brought him flowers, and he started philosophizing on the meaning of the colors of the yellow daisies I delivered....
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