The Beauty Of Galvanised Metal

11xHigh tech lasers and state-of-the-art methods have brought galvanized metal to the forefront in many unusual applications. Bespoke metal work can bring works of art into your home and business in the form of chandeliers, safety gates, fireplace surrounds, and many other items. The fabrication of quality metalwork is a finely honed craft that requires expertise and quality machinery. Even the production of galvanised planters can become a work of art.


Many hobbyists look for professionals who can help them produce bespoke metal items for their projects. By contacting professionals, they can get staircase railings, sculptures, and more made out of galvanised metal.

Galvanised Planters

One of the most popular items these days, for both commercial interests and for private homes, is the galvanized planter. Municipalities even order large planters for their cityscapes along sidewalks and in medians. Large foyers don’t echo as badly when occupied with a large planter with a canopy tree. The cozier atmosphere makes people feel more relaxed, and slows down traffic just a little. This is extremely valuable for retailers, because the longer people spend in your store, the more they buy.



Laser Work

Galvanised metal responds very well to laser cutting and creates striking artwork. Hobbyists and professionals alike can create intricate, multi-dimensional works that rival the most rare sculpting materials. Dress up canopies and cladding, or create beautiful balcony railing with laser metalwork. This can add value to your home and business, besides creating an artistic surrounding for you to live and work in. You can own one-of-a-kind metalwork, or mass-produce items for sale.


Decorative items made of galvanized metal often have a shiny, aluminum look. However, they can be tinted and cured to have just about any look you want. The use of certain chemicals can give the metal a greenish tint, much like aged copper. It can be rusted for a great patina, giving it a rustic look. Heat can darken the metal as well, if that is the look you want.


One enterprising school created an amazing work of art using metal. They traced each child’s hand, then had it cut out of galvanized metal. The metalworker created a tree that could hang on the wall. Each of the handprints were welded onto the many different branches, creating a beautiful present for the retiring headmaster. He hung it proudly on fence in his back garden. This incredible work of art is durable, and still beautiful years later.

Another great piece was commissioned by a racehorse owner, who had the finish line of a race memorialized. His horse won, and the detailed, dimensional work, with his horse finishing the race first, is a striking piece in his office.

One striking piece is a coffee table in a ski chalet. This large item has a skirt encircling the top that is lasercut . The table top itself intricately cut and topped with a thick sheet of beveled glass.

Galvanised metal can be one of the best investments you make.

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