Giving Your Home That Uncluttered Look

Nests of tables, drop leaf tables, and other items can help unclutter your home. Giving your home that uncluttered look can often be quite a challenge. Sometimes, we just have too much stuff. Other times, we have no idea how to showcase our mementos with an eye for saving space. Here are some pointers on how to give your home that uncluttered look.

Nests of Tables

Nesting tables are one of the more popular tactics for decluttering your home. Designed to be sequentially smaller than the one before, nests of tables are excellent for providing extra surface space on occasions. Is the family dining in the living room for a special movie night? You have the nesting tables you can pull out so that each child has a surface for his or her plate and cup. Once the dinner is over, you just nest the tables back together, and they all take up the space of one table.

Are you overwintering your plants in the house? Nesting tables are great for elevating those plants to the window. Next spring, they can be stacked out of the way until you need them again.

Drop Leaf Tables


Drop leaf tables are a great space saving furniture. You can have a narrow table in the entry to receive keys and your purse, but when your card club comes over, you can lift the leaves of the table for extra seating. I currently have my drop leaf table in my office, serving as a desk. For years, it was folded up beside my front door. The cat would lie on it to watch comings and goings. Now, it is opened up in my office, serving double duty for crafts.

Apartment Furniture


In the United States, huge furniture is the style. Everything from sofas to end tables are huge, as if they were designed for a Scottish castle.

For those of us with smaller homes, this presents a problem. At least it did, until I discovered “apartment furniture”. These are sofas, chairs, and tables that are actually designed for apartment living. You can find a comfortable, upholstered, 6 foot long sofa that is not so over-stuffed that it takes up 8 feet. End tables do not have to have 6 inch diameter turned oak legs – who knew? Smaller furniture can be just as comfortable, and declutter your home.



Shelving units are another way to declutter your home. One of the best types of shelving for this purpose is the “floating shelf”. The brackets are mounted so that they are hidden by the shelf itself, so that the shelf looks like it is just “stuck” to the wall. By avoiding shelving that sits heavily on the floor, you automatically declutter the spaces around you.


Finally, just a word about decorating. If you have a number of items that are related, such as photographs or vases, group them together. Grouping create one single entity in a room, rather than dozens of diverse spots, and can declutter the room.

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