Getting Into The Healthy Mindset

Getting into a healthy mindset can be harder than it sounds. Resolutions fade during weak moments of stress, illness, or chocolate. How can we stay on the right track and develop a healthy lifestyle? Here are some ways to get into a healthy mindset, and keeping it.

Forgive Yourself


Most dieting and exercise routines follow a stern regimen that requires counting and scheduling. You’re counting calories, miles, fat grams, and scheduling gym time, trainer time, and – well, you get the idea. When you goof up, you feel like you have to start all over. Supposedly, the rigor of these demands will threaten you enough to resist temptation. However, fear is a poor motivator. You goof up, and then give up.

The solution to this is to develop the healthy mindset that a goof up is only a temporary setback. Life is never perfect, and never goes according to plan. The same is true with our determination to keep a good attitude, eat right, or exercise. The key here is to forgive yourself. Admit that no one is perfect, and get on with life. We are usually harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else. So, forgive yourself for messing up, and move on.

Online Personal Trainer

Find a third party that you can talk to. An online personal trainer is always available, and can give you advice on menu choices and workout regimen. When you go online, your workout can be monitored and graphed, and a report emailed to you and your trainer.
When you are on a holiday, you don’t have to keep your healthy mindset all by yourself. Keep in touch with your online personal trainer. He or she can point you toward local gyms, yoga groups, or other exercise possibilities. You can also get directions on restaurants in the area that will serve foods that help you stay on your diet program.
Besides exercise and diet advice, your online trainer can help get you back on track when you mess up. Expert training is more than just asking for one more push-up. It involves helping you to maintain a mindset that will propel you to success.

Be Honest


You may have planned a particular diet and exercise regimen, but if you are not honest with yourself, it won’t succeed. For example, a diet that requires a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits requires a lot of preparation. You may buy bundles of fresh vegetables, and they end up rotting in the refrigerator because you don’t have time to prepare them for meals. You can actually condition yourself into a good diet, it just takes time and concentration. There are also health farms or detox retreats that can help you with recipe ideas and what to do with your food.
Don’t base your success on good intentions. Buy vegetables that have already been cut up. You’ll save money in the long run, and save yourself a lot of work and guilt. If you know you won’t take time to peel an orange, buy canned fruit in its own juice.
Planning around your own shortcomings, linking up with an expert online trainer, and forgiving yourself when you mess up are the best ways to maintain a healthy mindset.

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