Furniture Ideas To Keep Your Home Tidy

You know, our homes would look great if we didn’t have any stuff. Really, how easy would it be to keep the house picked up if there weren’t any decorations, furniture, clothes, toys…well, you get the picture. That isn’t a realistic ideal. So, here are some furniture ideas to keep your home tidy.

Think About Size


Your furniture needs to fit your room. That may seem like common sense, but it’s not just whether you can fit the furniture through the door or not. Think about scale. If you have a great-room, maybe you can use large pieces. But, if your square footage is limited, look for apartment sized furniture. Rather than an 8 foot sofa, look for a 6 foot one. Instead of a bulky ottoman, look for a smaller one. The size of your furniture makes a difference in your home, because if it’s big and overstuffed, it takes up more room and makes it harder to clean.

Consider Traffic 

One way to keep your home tidy is to keep the traffic zones clear of home furnishing. You know the spots – the path from the front door to the kitchen, or from the kitchen to the back porch. If you don’t put furniture there, the traffic will continue without being rerouted through the house. By the same token, you can control the deposit of backpacks, shoes, overcoats, and all the other stuff that people shuck when they enter the house by arranging an entry. A cubby-style coat rack, with a shelf either above or below, will be a great repository for all the stuff that ends up dribbled across the house as kids come home from school.

Use Furniture That Has A dual purpose


Storage, storage, storage. If you have furniture that can double as storage, it can reduce the clutter in your home. The family room, living room, den, or whatever you call it can be so cluttered that you can’t walk through it. However, drawers and doors can be your best friend. If you do have a big ottoman, does it have storage space in it? How about a window seat with either drawers or lift-up seats that reveal storage underneath? All of this can help you to keep your home tidy.

Use Easy To Clean Fabric


Microsuede is very popular these days, but if you’ve ever tried to clean it, you find that it gets water spots. Select upholstery fabrics that are durable and stain resistant, easy to clean. The ability to sop up a spill from your sofa is a great aid to keeping your home tidy.

Make Storage Attractive

I remember one day I visited a friend who had a large wicker basket in her living room, full of children’s toys. I thought how nice it was that she kept the kids toys where they could reach them, even in the family room. Then, I realized, she had just picked up! Instead of a brightly colored plastic toy box in the adult space of the living room, she had this attractive wicker basket, and just tossed toys into it. What a great way to tidy up!


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