Gaining The Confidence To Go To Boot Camp

The words “Boot Camp” might be both terrifying and exciting. The idea of going to a boot camp to get in shape is appealing in many ways, because you could get back on track. Or, you could get off on the right foot, starting your weight-loss and fitness journey with determination. The terrifying interpretation of “Boot Camp” may require some confidence to overcome. Can you do it? Will you finish? If you are already in pretty good shape, you may have more confidence when considering boot camp, but if you are just starting your journey, it can be pretty intimidating. Here are some pointers on gaining the confidence to go to boot camp.

Prepare Yourself


As you consider attending boot camp, you can take preparatory steps to get ready. You can do anything for a determined amount of time. So, for a month or two before you leave for boot camp, do your own home-made version of camp. Double your exercise regimen. If you don’t work out at all, start with 5 minutes, 3 times a day, and double that every week. By doing this for a while, you’ll decrease the muscle tenderness when you go to camp, and you’ll already have some good habits formed.

Start drinking more water. This will keep you hydrated, decrease your appetite, and flush toxins out of your body. You’ll start to feel better just from drinking water, and your confidence will increase. It will also make the stricter diet at boot camp easier to accept, because you’re already used to discipline with your intake.

Prepare for Set Backs


What are you going to do if you can’t keep up? This is a frightening idea – everybody is afraid that they’ll be the only one who can’t keep up. But face it – this isn’t Special Operations training. You aren’t going to wash out. Prepare yourself mentally for the fact that you won’t be able to keep up in some areas. In fact, it is pretty much guaranteed that you won’t be able too, because the instructors are expert in gauging their member’s abilities and pushing beyond that limitation. If you are worried about some old injury reappearing and interfering with your bootcamp UK experience, take precautions. Take that knee brace you haven’t had to use for years. Take anti-inflammatory medicines to camp with you, and take them before you begin a particularly rough workout. Knowing that you are prepared for difficulties and setbacks can give you the confidence to face boot camp.

Ignore Bad Attitudes

One of the worst enemies of anyone wanting to attend boot camp is the bad attitude. Not your bad attitude, but that of other people. Don’t be afraid of looking like a rookie or a wannabe. There will be those at camp who appear to have it all together – just like there were kids in high school who never had acne. Be prepared to ignore those people and remember why you came to boot camp in the first place. You are there for yourself, not them.


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